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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Finally and completely finished.

I said I wouldn't, just like every writer, but I reedited for the thirteenth time and found many more errors in my three new novels. I've no doubt that if I did it again I'd find more and as much as I'd like it to be perfect I know for certain that I've never read an entire book in my life without at least half a dozen. 

      But this time it's done and over the next few days I'm going to upload them and then go and buy my new computer. The valves and gears of my decade old machine are finally beginning to rust and it's time for a new one.

     The shop which promised me something better than that which NASA would ever hope to possess turned out to be useless. Well not useless but about three times more expensive than NASA could ever have afforded. So it looks as if I'll do what I planned before: go out and buy a cheap one and simply upgrade it myself.

     Regardless, my new fibre broadband begins in a few days with an absolute guaranteed minimum of 38 Mbit and a hopeful max of 90. 

     Can't wait. Windows 10 and a machine that takes less than an hour to boot up here I come, and a year of painting and game programming -  and a little bit of self promotion to get my books sold.

    I ought to give that a lot more effort now that the pirates have begun stealing my work because my sales are abysmal.  But for the moment I'm going to rejoice.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Finally joining the big boys.

Not only am I buying a computer fast enough to bring me out of the dark ages, but finally I'm getting fibre Broadband.

    'So what?' I hear you say.

    You have to remember that this country has the slowest broadband speed in the known galaxy. My upload speed is about 75K - I could write faster than that. And my fastest download speed has never risen above 4Mbit, and that's in the middle of the night, on a Sunday, on a holiday and providing there isn't anything on the TV that anyone in the entire country wants to watch, and that FaceBook and Twitter are both off line at the same time.

    Ten years ago I worked for a company whose head office was in Singapore, and they had a broadband speed (then) of 1 Gbit and they thought it was boring. "Well doesn't everyone have the same speed?" they demanded, knowing full well that everyone else didn't.

    So tomorrow I'm switching to fibre, and do you know what my pitiful demand was of the service provider? I wanted an absolute guarantee of 10 mbit, because I have a teenage daughter.

    "Well, it might be a bit tricky but I can perhaps get you...

    "No, I want ten - minimum."

    You'd think I was asking for the world and not something the rest of humanity takes for granted.

    Can't wait. No more buffering for five minutes just to see the pop up adds for things I don't even want so that I can turn them off.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

I'm really beginning to dislike editing.

Despite my belief that all my new books were finally error free my wonderful beta reader showed me the error of my ways. So I've just finished another edit of one of my last three and tomorrow I'll begin the next. The impulse to spend the rest of my life doing it is strong but I know I've got to stop eventually.

    Especially as I've finally decided that after twenty five years of building my own computers I'm going to let the local computer shop do it for me. The nerdmeister claims that Windows 10 is rubbish and wouldn't I prefer one of the numerous Win7 DVD's he's got lying around the workshop. 
    No way I said, or something approximating that. I waited until that Vista rubbish finally sank into the hole from which it should never have emerged. And then almost bought Win 7, except that Win 8 arrived about twenty minutes later and I hated that almost as much as Vista.

   So now he's offering to build one exactly to my specs for a moderate fee, and finally I'm getting a solid state hard drive. No more of that three hour boot up time for XP.  He's absolutely guaranteed that the new one will be ready for action less than thirty seconds after my feverish finger prods the go button. Can't wait.
    But I'm denying myself the pleasure until all three books are ready and not riddled with errors. 

    It's gonna be a difficult few weeks.

Friday, 22 January 2016

My baby's leaving.

"Oh, dad."

    That was when I became confused. Notice the absolute lack of pejorative remarks. No: "Dadsky," or "pater," or even "You hate me and wish I was..." etc. In fact nothing at all.

    Steeling myself I mumbled a reply of sorts and waited for whatever was to come.

    "Me and..." I resisted the compulsion to correct her grammar as I was already afraid.

    It seems that my daughter and a friend are going to New York for a holiday. 

    Eeeks!! My baby is travelling five thousand miles without me. Yes I know she's almost twenty one but she's still my baby.

    Don't get me wrong. I've spent a lot of time in the US and loved it. My personal fave place was Beverly hills where I spent an inordinate amount of time mingling with the the rich and famous. I also visited Manhattan numerous times where I found the driving to be so easy I wish I lived there all the time.

    But still, my baby in New York. I can hardly stop her as she is a legal adult (it's 18 over here)

    So, please, be nice to her. But not too nice. I don't want her deciding that America is better than England, which in reality is the case, and deciding to stay. She's too young and I'm too selfish.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Couldn't let it go.

I tried. I really tried - for almost five minutes, before my resolve crumbled - and at my age that's not all that's crumbling

    It was just too easy:  believe I'd eradicated all the mistakes get the books out and. And then I was reading one of my most fave authors the other day and found eight errors within the first three chapters, and these books are on their fourth re-print. 

    That did it for me, and now, half way through Old Geezers 3 for the umpteenth time I've already found four of my own. 

    I've never read an entire novel in my life without at least six grammatical or punctuation errors, and I doubt I will, but as these are my last novels, well perhaps forever, I've got to get them right.

    I really want to get this done because a very large computer shop in these parts is flogging a brand new Windows 10 machine at a derisively low price and I want to get it before the inevitable price rise. Well get it now, I hear you say.

    I know that if it's that cheap then it's presumably rubbish, but that doesn't matter because the second I get it home I'll be taking it apart and improving it, as I always do when I can't be bothered to build my own.

    And if I did start playing then the novels wouldn't come out this side of the next millennium.

    As always, thanks
    for the free image. Perhaps when I get my new machine and learn how to paint I won't have to keep boosting their stuff. 

Sunday, 10 January 2016


I finally did it. Crawling away to edit my three novels after working more hours per day than is probably legal, I've finally completed all of them, and now I can take a year off writing to learn how to paint and write that computer game I've been planning for years. Can't wait.

Here's the latest of the three.

    I probably won't touch them again until I've learnt to pain a little better. Or, I'll just take the easy way out and pay someone else to do it for me.

    Now I just have to do the hardest thing for any painter, sculptor or writer - which is to say leave them alone.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ellie and Richie.

Here's our new arrival with some scale.

Louis has gone off her slightly after discovering that they're now sharing stables and so Richie has taken over as her guardian angel, protecting her from all the wildlife prowling these parts, even though with the exception of the occasional belligerent stoat there's nothing bigger than a mouse for miles. And finally, after being bitten thrice, kicked twice the big brainless one has stopped trying to play and just follows her around trying to discover what she is.