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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Draft2Digital sent me a free book

In my short break from writing in an attempt to actually sell some of my work - forgive the split infinitive - Draft2Digital sent me a book for free, I mean nothing. Now there's a novelty. It's called "Let's get digital" by David Gaugheran. Download instructions here.

   What an amazing book. It has completely overturned my (limited) knowledge and understanding of marketing and I'll be taking up some of his ideas with immediate effect. That's not to say that they will all work; and in fact might just be his own opinions and results, but it would be foolish not to give them a go.

   I don't think I'm breaking any publishing laws by telling you of it since it is freely advertised. I'll be working hard with his ideas and will let you know if they bring me any success. 

   Meanwhile if anyone else has any gems they'd like to share then don't be bashful. I'm only selling about twenty copies per month, and while I'm happy to be selling any at all, a lot more would be great.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Doing the advertising biz.

Amazingly, I've gone the entire weekend without writing a word - well a few words but only in advertising my books. My intimate and not entirely comfortable sole partnership with Amazon has come to an end at last. I'll stay with them of course because they actually sell a few books now and then. 

   After a few false starts I've rejoined Smashwords and all their affiliates, and Draft2digtal has welcomed me back with open arms. Of all their affiliates, B/N, Nook and itunes, Apple was the most contentious as even a single syllable of any competitor rules one out. Fixed those and done that. I appreciate that the sales will not roll in just on that basis but it's a good start.

   In that vein I was lucky enough to be featured in Tricia Drammeh's terrific blog Here on her 'Authors to Watch' series. For anyone who hasn't caught it yet, her book and writer reviews are excellent.

   I was going to rant on about DRM and all that it's ramifications today. Most of us know that it's pretty much useless and in reality I have to agree with J Konrath,  Here  (I paraphrase slightly) that if we make out work easily available and cheap enough then there's little need to worry about pirating. Not that I've fallen foul of this yet since I haven't sold enough. I aim to change that. I wonder, is it a mark of success if one's work is pirated?

   As to my latest ventures, I seem to recall promising myself that I would never again write more than one book at a time. I even stuck to that new convention until the very second I began my new horror novel: The Secret, and without pause continued writing Old Geezers 3 and Kongomato 3, but as the three plots don't conflict, there will be no overlap. I'm sticking to this story, because it keeps at bay the ominous voice in my head reminding me that I'm an idiot, and one that I keep ignoring. In a compromise-ette, I've decided to postpone my end-of-the-world epic until I finish this three, possibly.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

What is a table?

I put all my books back on Smashwords the other day with no problems. Then they sent me a message telling me that my new novel, The Book of Pain had failed the Epub test because it was full of tables.

   That's news to me. I don't even know what a table is, unless they're referring to the pieces of furniture upon which I store my beer, and somehow I don't think they are.

   So I did the nucelar clean up, which I hate because it takes me hours to put it back in a readable condition. I finally finished about midnight, and am now waiting for their verdict.

    If they really do want me to move my beer then I'm staying with Amazon.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

I couldn't wait any longer.

After umpteen edits I couldn't wait any longer. It took me weeks to decide which of the two endings I liked better and I also knew that if I didn't do it now I'd spend the rest of my life re-editing it. So finally, The Book of Pain is finished and for sale. The Amazon part was easy. Now I'm just waiting for Smashwords auto-vetter to do its stuff. Hopefully just a few days.

     I know I should begin with the advertising biz but I'm making such good progress on my new horror novel I just can't stop. But I will advertise it soon, really soon. Just got to finish another chapter of "The Secret."